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image for Berlitz’s Online Spanish Program

Berlitz’s Online Spanish Program

St. James School offers Spanish as a foreign language in Grades 6-8 through Berlitz’s online program.  In addition, there is a fluent support teacher to assist students in person. Since 1878, Berlitz has been helping language learners around the world communicate across cultures.  At the program’s core, is the Berlitz Method, a communicative approach to learning a new language based on a few key principles: 

  • Target language is only used in class so that learners begin to think in their new language.
  • Each lesson is goal oriented with a new speaking goal presented and practiced in each class session.
  • Present, Practice, Perform.  Each new structure or vocabulary item is first modeled in context by the instructor, then practiced in a supported way with the learners.  The third step is where the learners get to try the new language on their own, building confidence and solidifying the new vocabulary and structure.