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Visual Arts

Every child is an artist.

- Pablo Picasso

I am always doing what I cannot do YET in order to learn how to do it.

- Vincent Van Gogh

Talent is a pursued interest. Anything you are willing to practice, you can do! Art is no exception.

- Bob Ross

The purpose of art is nothing less than the upliftment of the human spirit.

- Pope John Paul II

St. James School Visual Arts Program Statement:

St. James School is blessed to offer vibrant and rigorous art classes to students at all grade levels, TK-8th Grade, thus supporting creative exploration and visual communication at every level of developmental and spiritual growth. 

St. James School Visual Arts Program, based on California State Visual Arts Standards and St. James School Virtues, aims to build a foundation of skills and art appreciation, as well as to foster social-emotional learning by leaning into the joy of creating and self-expression. 

With a dedicated Art Room, diverse supplies, resources, and weekly guided art projects, St. James students can explore a variety of techniques and styles as they grow proficient in the Seven Elements of Art and the Principles of Design.

Integrating cultures, techniques, styles, and media used by artists in other countries throughout history, the program offers students a wide tour of the world’s major artistic influences and achievements, and reflects the many cultures and traditions of our diverse school community.  

St. James School Visual Arts program integrates and supports the homeroom curricula, thus allowing students to explore in greater detail with a fresh perspective what they are learning in class. 

“Once a Falcon, Always a Falcon!” is a slogan that means we are all called upon to give thanks, lead by example, and consider others as an enduring and integral part of our school community. The St. James School Visual Arts Program is blessed to be able to contribute to this mission, as it supports the growth of our students personal values, character, and faith development while exploring creativity and, ultimately, helping students become who they were meant to be. 

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