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Heather Church
Heather Church Principal
Sharon Vroman
Sharon Vroman Vice Principal
Kathryn Baggarly
Kathryn Baggarly Vice Principal
Advancement Director
Beverly Juhnke
Beverly Juhnke Administrative Assistant
Allison Torok
Allison Torok Transitional Kindergarten
Robin Ramos
Robin Ramos Kindergarten
Liz Bertran
Liz Bertran First Grade
Margaret Stanton
Margaret Stanton Second Grade
Trudy Connolly
Trudy Connolly Third Grade
Susan Perry
Susan Perry Fourth Grade
Amy Whiteford
Amy Whiteford Fifth Grade
Paul Agnew
Paul Agnew 6th Grade
Junior High Math
Jairo Romero
Jairo Romero 7th Grade
Junior High History
Janet Whitmore
Janet Whitmore 8th Grade
Junior High Literature and Grammar
Trevor Windmiller
Trevor Windmiller Science
Kevin Saunders
Kevin Saunders Physical Education
Athletic Director
Michael Schwagerus
Michael Schwagerus Music Director
Courtney Voskuhl
Courtney Voskuhl Music Director
Barbara Makin
Barbara Makin Extended Care Director
Mary Gibbons
Mary Gibbons Librarian
Shelly Dirksen
Shelly Dirksen Reading Resource Specialist