Saint James School
Serving The Communities of Davis • Dixon • Winters • Woodland

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

A Saint James Student is a FALCON:

Faith Enhanced

  • Participates actively in prayers and liturgies
  • Displays knowledge of Catholic faith, teachings, and traditions
  • Shows compassion through service to others


  • Communicates effectively
  • Thinks critically and independently
  • Reads with understanding
  • Utilizes technology
  • Shows competency with mathematical concepts


  • Cooperates with other people
  • Respects individual and cultural differences


  • Expresses him/herself artistically
  • Is exposed to & learns appreciation for the Visual & Performing Arts


  • Develops motor skills, coordination, and body awareness
  • Demonstrates teamwork and sportsmanship

eNvironmentally aware

  • Cares for their Environment
  • Responds to global concerns