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Our library is a vibrant and active community space where, through books, our students encounter the stories and experiences of many different kinds of people. 

Unlike “traditional school libraries” where students go to simply check out and return books, our librarian, Mrs. Gibbons, has designed a robust library program.

Visiting the library once a week, our youngest students enjoy “story-time” where Mrs. Gibbons reads them an interesting book and performs finger puppet plays to reinforce the book’s message.

With the older grades, students are able to delve deeper into books as Mrs. Gibbons captivates them as they listen to an interesting book during the weekly read-aloud and participate in lively discussions.

Hearing stories about people who have different abilities, live in foreign countries or are economically challenged opens children’s eyes to different perspectives.  “I want to give our students as many opportunities as possible to love books and reading!” exclaims Mrs. Gibbons.