Tuition schedule

2016 - 2017 Tuition Schedule
CategoryTuitionCapital Improvement FeeTechnology Maintenance FeeTotal Yearly PaymentPer Month Payment
Parishioner :
1 Child$5,110.00$150.00$100.00$5,360.00$536.00
2 Child$9,200.00$150.00$100.00$9,450.00$945.00
3 Child$11,500.00$150.00$100.00$11,750.00$1.175.00
Non - Parishioner:
1 Child$6,570.00$150.00$100.00$6,820.00$682.00
2 Child$11,830.00$150.00$100.00$12,080.00$1,208.00
3 Child$14,790.00$150.00$100.00$15,040.00$1,504.00

*Each Family is charged a $150.00 capital improvement fee
This fee is used to maintain and improve the physical plant of the school.

*Each family is charged a $100.00 technology maintenance fee.
This fee is used to provide the necessary funds for the school to maintain and replace computer technology on regular basis.